Our Digital Marketing Package

Build Your Online Presence——Limited-time Free Offer

  • OME helps restaurants successfully build up their stores and profiles on mobile apps, including customized banner design, brand story and much more!


Customized Website Design By OME—— $299 per year plus $150 design fee

  • OME will provide custom consultation services to help restaurants build and live a interactive website that supports both PC and mobile devices

Marketing Services On Yelp & Google——Limited-time Free Offer

  • OME will manage your Yelp and Google business account, and link them to your online stores.
  • OME provides merchants with custom webpage marketing reports and prioritizes Google search results by using keyword optimization.


Review Managemnt——$188 per month

  • OME will recommend professional negative review responses from Yelp and Google.
  • Design and recommend promotional specials periodically with the restaurant and post product reviews/photos/videos and links on Yelp and Google.

Facebook Account Management——Limited-time Free Offer

  • OME will manage the merchant’s Facebook account, create a customized Facebook webpage and link it to the merchant’s online store.
  • OME will build the merchant’s Facebook groups and link them to the merchant’s Facebookwebpage.


Increase Exposure On Social Platforms——$188 per month

  • To increase your exposure on popular social platforms at only $188 per month Promote products from the merchant’s store on Google and Yelp, 6 postings per month guaranteed.
  • Promote products from the merchant’s store on popular food channels of Facebook and mainstream Chinese forums. 6 postings per month guaranteed.

Group Chats Setup——Limited-time Free Offer

  • OME will set up exclusive group chats for restaurant owners to communicate with their clients more effectively; OME will offer professional marketing services in your business's existing Wechat groups.


Account Management Services In Wechat Groups——$238 per month

  • OME will take care of restaurants official Wechat groups and offer an insightful business analysis of the clients' shopping behavior and preferences.


Drafting Marketing Proposals—— $188 per month

  • OME will draft quality marketing materials and post them on your clients' business accounts; 4 postings per month guaranteed.


Referral & Other Promotional Services—— $188 per month

  • OME will share the promotional postings on Wechat to targeted groups, and guaranteed minimum of 300 open clicks per posting.

Customized Promotional Video Designing & Editing——Limited-time Offer with $50 per video $100 per video

  • OME will edit photos of your selected cuisines and create an appealing promotional video.


3D Special-Effect Video Design——$800 per set

  • OME will design a customized start and ending the video with a 3D effect for the restaurant and merge it to the restaurant's selected cuisines video.