• O.M.E., also known as Operation Management Enterprise Inc., is a consultancy that specialized in providing customized and professional Internet promotion services. Here gathers elites like catering consultants, marketing experts, data analysts and IT engineers. Our mission is to help your business exalt the brand popularity and overall competition through software and hardware technology, and make you stand out from the fierce catering trade. O.M.E. a.k.a. Operation Management Enterprise Inc.,is a consultation firm that specializes in highly-customizable professional internet promoting services. We are elites from many different fields, including catering consultants, marketing experts, data analysts and IT engineers. Our mission is by providing best-in-class software and hardware support to improve your reputation and make your business stand out among competitions.


  • Studies have indicated that American’s restaurants are in a high elimination rate condition. 60% restaurants closed down within a year of opening, 80% restaurants couldn’t last for five years. Immediate failures are probably due to traditional operation mode, inefficient management, high operating expenses, heavy employee burden, low margin, higher customer requirements. The obvious drawbacks of traditional restaurants make the demand on digital catering industry greater now than ever before. Based on such consideration and Internet thinking, O.M.E. combines Internet technology with marketing techniques, adopts efficient and accurate strategies, to expand the catering market, attack catering industry problems directly, and implement restaurant management upgrading. Research shown that American restaurant business is at alarmingly high elimination rate. About 60% of the new opened restaurants are closing down within their first year and 80% of the rest could not survive for more than five years. Some common reasons causing such failure are outdated business model, inefficient management, high operating expenses, over-tasked staffs, low business margin, and customers’s increasing expectations, etc. The drawbacks traditional restaurants suffer from in various aspects are so significant that it boosts the demand for this revoluntionary e-catering industry greater than ever before. Starting with such trend, O.M.E. integrates marketing techniques with the benefit of IT, and based on the idea of “Internet Thinking”, develops business market and hitting the pain point of the catering industry with highly accurate and effective business strategies, stimulates restaurant management evolution.


  • O.M.E. will set up our own data analysis model and central data center. Through data visualization analysis tool and social information, we can better analyze consumer behavior and help restaurants define market demand more precisely. Using IT intelligent toll to customize marketing scheme for restaurant, achieve smart marketing and scientific management upgrading, speed up the pace with time, seize the core competition point of restaurants and form small Cloud platforms with core of each restaurant data. O.M.E. will establish our own data analysis module and central data center. With that, we can analyze customers’ behaviors using data visualization analysis tools and socialized information, to help restaurants to precisely evaluate their market demand. Also, O.M.E. tailor-makes marketing strategies for restaurants using our smart programing, to achieve smart marketing and management sytem upgrade, help restaurants to understand and grasp the key of market competition, and eventually form restaurant operating data based small cloud-data platforms.